Have You Ever Heard of Our Lady of Three Ears?

Our Lady of Trois- Epis ( Three Ears) appeared to Thierry Schoere the blacksmith who lived in the village called Orbey on May 3, 1491. The blacksmith was on his way to the market on that faithful day and had stopped before an oak tree to Pray for the repose of the soul of a man who had died of a fatal accident there. While at his prayer, Our Lady appeared with a dazzling light and wearing a long white veil. She was holding three ears of corn in her right hand and a clump of Ice in her left.

Without Introduction she told the blacksmith to arise and look at the ears of corn she was holding in her right hand. She explained to him that the three ears of corn symbolized the fine harvest that will be reaped by devout souls while the clump of Ice symbolized the punishments (hail, frost, flood, famine, misery and desolation) that will befall disbelievers on account of their sins which tire the Divine Mercy. She asked him to go down the village and announce all that he heard her say.

The blacksmith was very frightened and hurriedly left for the Village Market. He got there and went about his business without relaying her message therefore disobeying her.  He purchased a bag of wheat and tried lifting it on the mount but found out that the bag had become so heavy. He called people to help him but it was futile as no one could lift it. It was then he remembered the words of Our Lady to him and that the sudden heavy weight was a signal, He shared the experience to all in a loud voice. Many people who heard him believed he was saying the truth and resolved in their hearts to do better in future. He finished narrating  his experience and tried lifting the bag again and saw that it was now easy to lift. He mounted it and rode off for his home.

A wooden Chapel was built at the site of the apparition during the summer of the same year. Many Pilgrims visit the shrine from across the world. The Redemptorist Priests have cared for the shrine since 1911.

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